Our Care Fees

We deliver quality care at a price that is fair

Our approach is that all residents’ fees are calculated in exactly the same way regardless of how the care is being funded – Local Authority funded, NHS funded, or self-funded. And you can rest assured, all our residents receive the same high quality care.

Pre-admission assessment

Prior to moving into Cloyda Care Home we will carry out a Pre-admission assessment to determine what kind of care you require and how much support you need, and to ensure that the care service that we provide is appropriate for you. A member of our team will meet you, and/or close family, at your home to talk this through with you. We will also tell you a little about our Home, and be able to answer any questions that you may have.

Once the Pre-admissions assessment has been done, it is at this point that we will be able to determine the level of care that you will need (into which Care Band), and your exact weekly fee.

levels of carE

Some of our residents require a greater level of care than others, and so we have created 3 broad care bands, which takes into account the range of different needs of our residents, and set appropriate care fees for each band:

  • Care Band 1: Residents with medium care requirements
  • Care Band 2: Residents with high care requirements
  • Care Band 3: Residents with very high care requirements

For this year (1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023) the weekly fees for each of the Care Bands are as follows:

  • Care Band 1 – from £895.00 per week (dependent on type of room)
  • Care Band 2 – from £980.00 per week (dependent on type of room)
  • Care Band 3 – from £1065.00 per week (dependent on type of room)

Once you have spent the first 6 weeks at Cloyda, we will re-assess your care needs, and review your Care Band, to ensure that we are providing the right level of support and care for you. If we feel that you should be in a different Care Band (higher or lower) then we will discuss this with you.

We believe that this approach to setting care fees provides more transparency and consistency.

What the Weekly Fee includes

When you come to Cloyda, you can expect to have:

  • 24-hour person-centred care, such as help with bathing, dressing, mobility, and eating
  • Accommodation that includes your own private fully furnished bedroom
  • Use of all residents’ facilities in a safe, secure, and comfortable environment, including our huge garden
  • Home-cooked meals everyday (there’s always a choice of meals)
  • A variety of activities, entertainment and social events

Healthcare services

For specific healthcare you will continue to have access, via the NHS, to your GP, opticians, dentists, chiropody, etc.

Additional Services

To enjoy life to the fullest we also offer a number of additional services. These services are not included in the weekly fee but we’re happy to arrange any of these for you should you want: services such as hairdressing, beauty therapy and manicures, taxi service for appointments and shopping trips, dry cleaning, and almost anything else that you might want – just ask!

paying for your care

There are various ways to fund your care, including funding from your local authority, NHS funding, and paying for your care yourself (either fully, or a part of it). You may be entitled to assistance with care home fees, but whether you are eligible for some help will depend on your current financial situation, and the type of care that you need. If you are looking for financial assistance then you will need to have your needs and finances assessed, and so one of the first steps will be to get in touch with your local authority.

Please give us a call to discuss your specific care needs, or if you have any questions about paying for your care, and we’ll be happy to help.