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the welcome return of musical entertainers!

[10 June 2021]

Our residents were thoroughly delighted by the Troubadour Productions recent performance of their show “Hooray for Hollywood!” at Cloyda.

Tom and Emma delivered a wonderful show, set post-WWII, about a group of actors trying to make it big in Hollywood, performing classic songs by Nat King Cole, Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, and more. The residents really enjoyed the show, clapping and singing along, and this musical trip down memory lane certainly brought huge smiles all around!

And we certainly look forward to welcoming them back again later this month with their new show, “Holiday Snaps!”

Residents Can now have more visitors

[20 May 2021]

Residents in care homes can now have up to 5 nominated visitors.

As part of the Government’s easing of restrictions, care home residents can now have up to 5 nominated visitors. This comes as very welcome news, and our residents will be eagerly looking forward to seeing more of their family and friends in the coming weeks.

Residents allowed out-of-home visits

[2 May 2021]

The government has announced that (from 4th May) care home residents will now be able to go on low-risk outdoor visits outside of the Home, without needing to self-isolate when they come back.

This is wonderful news for our residents, it means they will be able to visit a friend or family member’s garden, or go for a walk in the park, accompanied by their nominated visitor (whilst of course, continuing to follow the safety measures of washing hands regularly, keeping social distance, and remaining outside.) … If you would like to take a resident outside, and you are their nominated visitor, then please get in touch with us to make the arrangements.